Bob and Bobek
Story of Bob and Bobek

Bob and Bobek: the Rabbits From a Hat is a Czech children's evening cartoon. The title was changed to The Journeys of Bob and Bobek beginning with the fourth season of the series.

Bob and Bobek are two rabbits who live in a magic hat. Bob is bigger and smarter and often assumes the role of the parent. Bobek is smaller and more timid yet clever and resourceful, and often assumes the role of the child. Both rabbits have original ideas, which, of course, often get them into trouble, and herein lies the basis of the comedy. Although the characters mostly promote proper morals, the series is in no way moralising, and the rabbits also engage in mischief and have some negative characteristics as well. Though Bob is very smart and industrious, he is not nearly as clever and resourceful as little Bobek.

The series began production in 1978 and produced 91 episodes in its eight seasons, which were directed by Václav Bedřich, Miroslav Walter, and Ivo Hejcman. Scripts were written by Vladimír Jiránek, Jaroslav Pacovský, Jiří Šebánek, and Pavel Šrut, though Vladimír Jiránek remained the sole author of the illustrations. Josef Dvořák lent his voice to the rabbits, and Petr Skoumal composed the music.
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