ePoster Guidelines


ePoster Presentation Best Practices
  1. Rough Layout – Enlarge your best initial sketch, keeping the dimensions in proportion to the final ePoster. Ideally, the rough layout should be full size. A blackboard is a convenient place to work. Print the title and headlines. Indicate text by horizontal lines. Draw rough graphs and tables. This will give you a good idea of proportions and balance. Ask associates for comments. This is still an experimental stage.
  2. Text Layout – Avoid abbreviations, acronyms, and jargon.Use a consistent font throughout. It is recommended that authors use a minimum of 22 pt. font size; this makes the text legible.
  3. Final Layout – The artwork is complete and the text and tables are typed, but not necessarily enlarged to full size. Now ask, is the message clear? Do the important points stand out? Is there a balance between words and illustrations? Is there spatial balance? Is the pathway through the ePoster clear?
  4. Balance – Figures and tables should cover slightly more than 50% of the ePoster area. If you have only a few illustrations, enlarge them. Do not omit text, but keep it brief. The ePoster should be comprehensible without oral explanation.
  5. Eye Movement – The movement (pathway) of the eye over the ePoster should be natural, down the columns or along the rows. Size attracts attention.Arrows, pointing hands, numbers, and letters can help clarify the sequence.
  6. Simplicity – Resist the temptation to overload the ePoster. More material may mean less communication.
ePoster Dimensions And Style Guidelines
  • Your ePoster should be composed in 16/9 ratio (wide screen) using PowerPoint or a page-layout program.
  • Your ePoster should consist of one slide only.
  • You’re welcome to build your ePoster by downloading and using one of our ePoster TEMPLATES.
Setting Your Own Slide Size in Microsoft Powerpoint
  • Open up PowerPoint and choose a ‚blank‘ slide
  • On the navigation bar, select the Design ribbon
  • Choose Slide Size > select Custom Slide Size > enter 120,055 cm wide by 67,531 cm high for widescreen > press OK
  • After designing your ePoster, generate a PDF file of your ePoster.


When your ePoster is complete, follow these steps to upload it to our virtual congress platform:
(Please note the platform for uploading your ePoster will open on August 16, 2021.)
  1. Make sure your ePoster file is not password-protected.
  2. Once your ePoster was composed in PowerPoint (PPTX), please generate a PDF file of your ePoster before uploading.
  3. Log in here using your e-mail address you have registered with > password will be sent to your email address when attempting for the first time > go to your personal page (up right corner > select button „Upload poster“ and upload your ePoster. File limitation is 200 MB.
We would appreciate to receive your ePoster by August 25, 2021


Best Abstracts Presentations (The Best 200 Abstracts)
  • There are moderated ePoster Sessions in the Programme; Scientific Committee have chosen 200 best Abstracts to be presented within moderated sessions
  • Authors are entitled to prepare one slide ePoster and submit it via platform as described in the paragraph "Submitting your ePoster"
  • Presenting authors will be giving LIVE short oral presentation with their one slide ePoster (3 minutes for presentation + 2 minutes for discussion)
  • Presenting authors are asked to connect LIVE according to the given time slot and present their ePoster at CASLAVSKA HALL (6)
  • Technical requirements: webcam, microphone, stable internet connection, CHROME browser
All Accepted Abstracts For ePoster Presentation
  • Authors are entitled to prepare one slide ePoster and submit it via platform as described above
  • Presenting authors will have the opportunity to discuss their ePoster at special interactive platform within given specific time slot (30 mins)
  • Presenting authors will also have the opportunity to answer possible questions from participants via chat box throughout the whole Congress and also after.


For download click the images.

WCA2021 PPTX poster template - version 1
Download as PPTx file

WCA2021 PPTX poster template - version 2
Download as PPTx file

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