Register for Access to On Demand Content

Access to On Demand Content

If you were not able to join us during the live event then register now for access to all the recorded content from WCA 2021. Available until 5 December 2021 "On Demand Access" provides an unparalleled opportunity to expand your knowledge, watch, listen and learn from global experts in anaesthesia and perioperative medicine.

On Demand Access Includes:
  • 643 Presentations
  • 479 International Speakers
  • 28 Meet the Expert Sessions
  • 5 Industry symposia
  • 26 PBLDs
  • 34 Workshops
  • Subtitling in English, French and Spanish
WCA 2021 - On demand until 5 December, 2021
High-income countries 100 EUR
Upper middle-income countries 50 EUR
Low-income and Lower middle-income countries
(and all other registrants)
20 EUR

These prices include tax.
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