Luc De Baerdemaeker
Anaesthesia for #Cardiac and #Liver Transplantation Yesterday, today and tomorrow
Beverly Philip
What's new in Ambulatory Anaesthesiology?
The leading cutting-edge specialty in the advancement of patient care worldwide
Carolina Haylock Loor
Learn more about the Burden of Acute and Chronic Pain, Updates on mechanisms and management, Pain education in LMIC, Pain research to guidelines at WCA 2021
Vrushali Ponde
J. Balavenkat
Regional Anaesthesia Workshop
Brachial plexus; Truncal & Lumbar plexus; Sacral plexus block & ultrasonography of spine for neuraxial; Lower extremity
David Wilkinson
Hear about the giants of #anaesthesiology - the history of our speciality
Join us 01-05 September and on-demand for 3 months
Shigeru Saito
#Patient Safety #WCA2021
Obligations and Practices in Reporting Quote Substandard Care
Yatin Mehta
James Glasbey
Harold Thimbleby
Chandra Kumar
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